2023 Banking Crisis - Covid connection (General)

by dan, Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 07:40 (209 days ago) @ dulan drift

I watched the video - they're just like us in terms of the themes they discuss, only younger, & better!

That was one of my reactions. "She's just a kid!" Which of course is nonsense. She's in her mid 30's I think.

I seem to recall Whitney Webb is associated with Johnny Vedmore, the guy who contacted us about our research on Sir Jeremy Farrar. Ok, a quick search says they were together, but had a falling out.

I thought Vedmore's name sounded familiar!

You could easily imagine a scenario where a 9-11 magnitude cyber-attack is used to justify an end to online anonymity & the introduction of CBDCs. I can envisage an internet blackout for a period of time & a return to (MSM) TV as the only news source. Then, in order to re-access the internet, you would have to comply with whatever Globo-control measures are chosen to be rolled-out.

Yes, it would have to be something on the 9-11 scale to get people to fall in line, and they would.

I guess the irony is that cash is the least vulnerable to a cyber-attack - don't know how govs are gonna explain their way around that - likely they won't bother coz, due to the crisis, now will not be the right time to talk about it. In fact, if there's no internet, or even stricter censorship than we've already got, then you simply won't be able to talk about it.

I think I saw one interview with her in which she touched on the fact that a straightforward CBDC would be implemented in the more authoritarian countries (China, Russia, Venezuela, etc.) because, well, they can, but that it will look like something else in places like the US. China is already rolling out their CBDC and has been testing it for some time.

Her point was that a lot of people in the US have already been primed to resist a CBDC, so it will be one layer removed from a CBDC but it will still use a CBDC to settle transactions. I think her prediction is that tokens will be proved directly from big banks, and transactions using those tokens will be settled with the US CBDC, sort of like banknote transactions, when we were still on the gold standard, were settled between banks in physical gold.

It will still be entirely programmable and traceable. Regardless, you're right, cash is really the only sort of kind of anonymous form of money we have, but the can easily clamp down on that. Try taking more than 8K or so out of a US bank in cash and see what happens! (Or depositing.)

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