2023 Banking Crisis - Covid connection (General)

by dan, Thursday, March 30, 2023, 15:27 (481 days ago) @ dulan drift

Excellent post. I think the comparison is a valid and accurate one. I'd add that this umbrella, unnamed (until now) force used by the GODS, that being the THE Experts system you've called them out on, also covers banking. We see the talking heads in the media daily telling us what happened, why, and how they'll make it right for the good of us all.

The same thing happened with Covid. A major THE Science cohort fucked-up by engineering then allowing Covid to be released (one way or another) - namely EcoHealth Alliance(Daszak)/WIV(Shi Zheng-li). But instead of letting this group crash & burn, it was decided that they needed to be bailed out to prevent contagion spreading through an increasingly centralized THE Experts system.

This is such a good point. They covered for them not just because of covid and related scandals, but because of how the acknowledgement of the failure of these world class Experts would negatively impact our trust in ALL The Experts. Scientists are right up there with priests of another age (and we know how they've been brought down to earth). If we lost faith in The Experts, in Scientists especially, how are we to be controlled?

Scientists/health experts/security experts have long enjoyed a high-level of trust from the public, which has enabled them to operate without accountability - we don't really know what they're up to, but we trust them to do the right thing. Trust is the magic ingredient. It keeps their work hidden behind a curtain, & lets them get on with their secret real world work of shaping the future - for all of us. So the absolute last thing you need is a run on Trust.

Exactly. We can never understand the science, we're told, so we just have to trust them. This is happening with AI now.

Whereas in the case of a major bank collapse, the govt may choose to print more money to paper over the problem, in the case of a major science Org fucking up, the method is to print info-BS - hence the media's involvement. This potential contagion is not limited to the science community - it can spread all the way through the whole expert system that underpins established world order, so all big players are easily persuaded to get on board.

Another excellent point. In Expert land, a meltdown is handled with BS rather than printing money. It's actually far more frightening, particularly when AI is employed to manipulate our thinking. The Algorithm plays a big part in all this.

It remains to be seen how it will work out in the end. Will that run-on-trust be shored-up, or will it all come crashing down in the end? Personally, my trust in THE Experts, which i used to have, is now stone-cold dead. I see signs of that spreading through the community, but i also see signs of it being swept under the carpet with the we've all moved on sentiment taking hold.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you nailed it with the latter. It will be swept under the rug, forgotten, yesterday's news. I have students, middle school students, in Japan, who don't even know the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan. They don't even know anything about WWII. OK, they will learn it eventually, one hopes, but you'd think that would be pretty important knowledge to have. I bet they've heard that people have been to the moon. Which of those two events involves human development that has the greatest potential to end civilization?

An example of how short our memory of a society is, at least in the US, is school shootings. Nobody gives a shit, really. Nobody is demonstrating. Biden said in his limp-ass, slurred comments that we need to do more to protect our schools. Wow. That's powerful.

2008, millions of Americans lost their homes, their jobs, while corporations bought up the cheap, foreclosed properties and doubled the rents on the new, larger class of renters, and nobody, nobody responsible for the mess was put on trial. All forgotten.

So, yeah, any hope of distrust taking hold is misguided, I'm afraid. The GODS, the Algorithm, they're too good at what they do.

I'm encouraged by what I see in France regarding the retirement age. You posted on this recently. Now THERE is meaningful action.

At the end of the day, it will likely boil down to economics, which makes the banking crisis one to watch. If people can continue on in a relatively economically stable path then concerns over the origin of Covid will probably diminish as they get back to concentrating on their work, family, entertainment fare ...

But if that economic stability goes, then that will signal brown-corduroys time for our global handlers.

That's exactly right. A chicken in every pot and all that. As long as the balance of discomfort and fear is maintained, i.e., the fear of taking action outweighs the discomfort one is experiencing, then nothing will change. The Algorithm has been very good at using social fear, the fear of embarrassment, of banishment, a fear stronger than that of death from what I've read, the Algorithm uses that fear to control action. In France, there's enough social support for protest that people go for it. In the US, that's been controlled very well. Groups protest, sure, but they're small. Dare you question the origin of covid? Or worse yet, vaccines? My God. You're toast.

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