'No Consensus' Limbo (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Saturday, March 04, 2023, 19:07 (507 days ago) @ dan

What shocks me more about this is the same thing that bothered me about the initial public discourse about the origins, and that is that it was and is nonexistent. Even after this story broke, we have nearly zero serious public debate on this. People stand by their beliefs. It's from an animal, end of discussion. It's from a lab, end of discussion.

That may be what it's devolved into, but i don't think it's how it began. I remember it beginning politely enough with people asking questions, but the response from THE Science Goliath was over-the-top vilification, with full-MSM platforming. End of discussion.

Could it be we are incapable, as a species, of using logic and discussion to reach a consensus on a topic important to all?

Could be. I hope not. The trouble with having a logical discussion is you need two to tango.

You can have all the logic you like, but if the more powerful side says we don't give a shit about your logic or getting at the truth - we care about using our power to maintain/increase our power - that makes the exercise very difficult.

So although we may consequently be incapable as a species due to that problem - not all humans are. In fact i think most are capable, they're crying out for it, but the path to that is being blocked by a powerful minority.

And if .. we are still not able to figure out even relatively simple problems (relative to the danger they hold for the species), then what does that say about us? And what is stopping us from getting there?

Depends what you mean by we. Again, i think we are able to figure out simple problems - i think Covid's origin was a fairly simple problem - plenty of people figured it out. The rise of AI might be more complex, but it's simple to know it is a problem to be figured out before it's too late.

What's stopping us from getting there as an understanding on a societal level? I think it's the same influential minority ... that don't want that. It's the last thing they want. These GODS are invested in manufacturing/projecting a reality created in their own image for everyone else to live in.

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