'No Consensus' Limbo (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 06:56 (510 days ago) @ dulan drift

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: What I can tell you is, again, there’s been no consensus on this — where COVID originated — so I’ll just leave it there.

That response encapsulates exactly the status that authorities would like Covid to permanently remain in - Well, in the end there were people saying this, then there were people saying that, & finally we never really knew.

It's all crap of course - everybody knows it was a lab-exit - but this fake-uncertainty provides a space for those who lied about the origin to once again slither off undercover of the fake-fog to count their millions whilst avoiding accountability.

Remember, if the world had been told in Jan, or even Feb: Look out! A super-contagious killer disease cooked up in a lab is on the loose! then it likely would have been stopped dead in its tracks there & then. Taiwan, which didn't believe a word China or all the corrupted western experts were saying, managed to stop it - every other country could have done the same if they'd acted in Jan-Feb.

That's where the culpability comes in for all that death, all the draconian restrictions on freedoms, & now all the suffering caused (to normal people - of course the rich pigs & experts hit the jackpot with Covid) by rampant inflation.

This is not over until there is justice.

PS: In some ways i don't really blame the CCP - they were only doing what they normally do - it's all the world's leading experts who knowingly lied to protect this totalitarian regime that must be held responsible.

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