Imperfection (Weather)

by dulan drift, Saturday, January 22, 2022, 07:41 (255 days ago) @ dulan drift

The other thing that's been in my head a lot is imperfection.

It sounds too simple to even bother thinking about - nobody's perfect - but it contains something profound about the nature of reality.

It goes like this:

There is too much information in the world for me to compute - so whatever understanding i reach will be imperfect. There will always be info i've missed or that hasn't been revealed unto me yet.

Therefore i am always condemned to be a flat-earther. I might think i know what reality is - but i don't really.

Therefore i am not living in the real world. Meaning my concept of what is real - is not real - it's an imperfect perception of what's real.

Covid is a pretty good example - the world has gone off on a tangent of not real reality based on a misunderstanding of the origin.

Now you could say that not real realness is reality which is true - but it still involves the idea that there is a real realness - or a perfection - only we're not capable of fully grasping it.

Which is where art comes in. Art offers a portal into understanding this perfection. It may not be sustainable - but we can get a glimpse of it. Art has a knack of getting to the essence from a limited amount of data. Van Gogh was able to paint paintings that captured the essence of a scene - which then becomes alive - without painting every single detail of that scene. So there is a way into the essence of reality that doesn't necessarily involve total computation of all the information.

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