The 1.5C Tipping Point (Weather)

by dan, Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 07:21 (420 days ago)

The the new UN report on climate change, we are being warned once again that we are quickly approaching the 1.5C increase in world temp tipping point, now seen as possibly happening within 10 years, after which the planet will begin an irreversible warming caused by human activity.

My question, which feels somehow darkly humorous, is, what happens when we reach that tipping point? What will the UN scientists say then?

"Well, everyone, we've passed the tipping point." This could happen in as little as 9 years, according to the report. "Not much we can do now. We're closing up shop."

If we've passed the point of no return, we've passed the point of no return. It's not a gray area. There's no opportunity for a do over, at least if they're serious in their language.

So what happens when they announce to the world that, well, we're doomed basically. I can see this unleashing all sorts of end-of-the-world behavior among individuals and governments.

Or, in order to avoid this scenario of civil collapse, will the world scientific bodies somehow find a glimmer of hope, a new compound, strategy, something to give humanity hope, similar to a parent shielding a child's eyes from some horrid scene, or an executioner putting a hood on the condemned.

Or, will they use the nuclear option, that being engaging in a carefully choreographed, limited nuclear exchange resulting in the lowering of the earth's temperature.

I need to stock up on popcorn.

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