Thought & Singularity (Weather)

by dulan drift, Saturday, January 22, 2022, 07:15 (255 days ago) @ dan

Now, to really go sci-fi 'high-concept' movie-ish - we may be the last of the pre-AI civilizations left - the last piece of the puzzle in the Great Connectiion. Once our AI signal is fully constructed, that will allow the ultimate Singularity event to occur...


Wow... now there's a thought... So once that AI singularity happens, it could snuff out any thinking biological life happening in the universe. Damn.

But... here's the catch. Infinity. Your concept assumes a finite quantity of civilizations. In infinity, quantity becomes irrelevant. It truly is meaningless. It may have some space-time relevance, but it's like that half glass of beer you spill when you're already completely smashed. It doesn't matter.

I'd been meaning to get back to this thread but other matters overtook it.

Re Infinity - the first thing is you can have infinity within a finite space - there are an infinite number of wave shapes but they all exist within the finite space of the oceans - and all conform to the form of a wave. (the forms was a Plato concept - something like the essences of things)

Secondly, singularity, theoretically, also makes quantity meaningless. Where do these infinite number of infinities emanate from? Your brain produces an infinite number of thoughts but it's only one brain. Is there an essence at the core of existence that produced everything? A lot of Greek philosophers thought so - including Aristotle.

My view goes: a singularity that contains the infinite possibilities of everything in a state of precarious balance - balance implies the potential for imbalance - or the error - which creates duality - opens Pandora's box - this dynamic is responsible for the production of infinite manifestations - that paradoxically want to escape but connect as well - an ultimate re-connection of essences (which contain infinities) facilitated by AI - which result in singularity - wash rinse repeat.

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