Is China about to flip on origin? (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, October 04, 2021, 05:47 (310 days ago) @ dan

"Travelers will be transferred on buses directly from the airport, and confined to their rooms for at least two weeks. Each room is fitted with a video chat camera and an artificial intelligence-powered thermometer, with three meals a day delivered by robots -- all designed to minimize direct contact with staff members."

You can (be) check(ed) in any time we like - but you can never leave ...

Here's my take on what's going down with the latest hints coming out of China. It's very similar to the original 'fictional' novel i conceived a year ago.

1. EcoHealth/WIV created the GoF bat virus.
2. It either escaped - or was deliberately released.
3. CCP went into cover-up mode - in conjunction with the west - for the common good blah blah blah
4. CCP is now having second thoughts. We are the victims here - we should never have let those fucking UK/US/Aus scientists (EcoHealth) into our top lab! The natural origin pangolin story that they promised would work has collapsed - now everyone is blaming us!
5. We throw Daszak and Baric to the wolves - say we had no idea what they were up to - Bat Lady was duped. For our domestic audience we say they were agents working for the US intelligence service. Look here's proof they were being funded by USAMRIID!!! (which they were) The whole thing was a plot to bring us down!

In the novel they were arrested/tried/jailed in China - but that's probably unlikely as it's hard to see Daszak and Baric going back there in this atmosphere.

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