Angela Rasmussen - and Steve Smith (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, June 07, 2021, 18:37 (429 days ago) @ dulan drift

Seattle Times: Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at University of Saskatchewan who was not a signatory, said the letter sums up the scientific consensus that the pandemic’s roots are still unclear and echoes other calls for a fuller investigation. But she doubts it will have any impact on an issue with such profound geopolitical ramifications.

Angela Rasmussen was a leader of the cover-up cabal - a colleague of Lipkin's. DRASTIC members dueled with her on Twitter - until she blocked them.

That she is now using those words "scientific consensus" to describe her backflip - that's funny.

Angela, no-one cares about your stupid "scientific consensus" anymore. Look where it's got us so far?

The public consensus is the scientific consensus is corrupt - or very stupid. Either way it's over.

Steve Smith

In Australia they say the second most powerful position after the Prime Minister is the captain of the cricket team. Steve Smith was busted for authorizing a fielder to secretly rub one side of the ball with sandpaper on the field of play. This makes the ball swing sharply. Unfortunately, the fielder was caught doing it on camera. He tried to stuff the sandpaper into his crotch but that was caught on camera too.

After the game the Captain, Steve Smith and the fielder fronted the media. Steve Smith said (paraphrasing): 'I acknowledge mistakes were made, i will learn lessons from that and become an even better leader going forward.'

He still hadn't grasped the enormity of it in his own mind.

Whereas Steve Smith was sacked the next day and the media exploded with opprobrium, there's a danger Angela can say the above lines and get away with it.

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