CCP's Global Influence (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Sunday, June 06, 2021, 09:58 (1135 days ago)

We've talked about the United Front Work Department - an army of civilian CCP operatives that have been working for decades to influence the influencers in foreign countries - it is this network that was behind the frightening period of global censorship and vilification of those asking for a lab-leak to be investigated.

The astonishing magnitude of the cover-up is directly related to the astonishing degree of infiltration that the UFWD has been able to achieve - politicians, academics, the media, business - anyone with influence.

This is not to let those foreign entities of the hook - they will all claim naivety - 'oh, we didn't know the CCP was a fascist, totalitarian regime!' but that's crap - they're fully complicit. They fell for a mixture of mostly money, but also flattery, and probably the odd honey-trap.

There's a classic example happening in Hungary currently. The mechanism of which, you can extrapolate across the world.

BBC: On Saturday, demonstrators opposing the plan to build China's Fudan University campus in Budapest marched .. to the parliament building.

The construction of the campus .. is estimated to cost about $1.8bn (£1.2bn). This is more than the Orban government spent on its entire higher-education system in 2019.

Some $1.5bn of the costs will be provided by a loan from a Chinese bank, documents obtained by Direkt36, a Hungarian investigative-journalism outlet, showed.

The right-wing government of PM Viktor Orban has close ties with Beijing.

Earlier this month, Hungary blocked an EU statement criticising China's treatment of Hong Kong.

The thing about the CCP is that it doesn't care if you're right wing or left wing - it's only motivation is to centralize power. It does this by corrupting those with power in foreign countries.

Around two thirds of Hungarians do not support the Chinese university.

This last point is interesting - it shows the massive disconnect between the power-wielders and the general public. As we mentioned before, there appears to have been a ban on polls asking the public about the origin of the virus and whether they think a lab-leak should be investigated - most likely coz they've done the polls and found that a large majority think the experts are full of shit.

The battle is far from over, but Covid has at least laid bare the extent to which our elites are collaborating with the CCP.

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