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Home Brewing Mead (General)

by dan @, Sunday, January 03, 2021, 13:07 (55 days ago) @ dan

More notes:

====== Mead130401 ======
Created Monday 01 April 2013

* 6 kilos honey
* juice of 6 ripe oranges
* juice of two or three small lemons
* 3 tsp yeast
* 2 tsp nutrient - Decided to try adding less nutrient initially this time (2 tsp rather than the usual 5) with the idea being that I'll aerate over the next three days, adding nutrient

====== Mead130422 ======
Created Monday 22 April 2013

* 6 kilos honey
* five or six apples
* cup of raisins
* 3 tsp yeast
* 3 tsp nutrient

It was clearly fermenting the last few days but not bubbling. I took the airlock off and I'm guessing it was somehow blocked

Been aerating daily.

====== Mead140328 ======
Created Sunday 30 March 2014

Two batches started

Luo4shen2 and honey (fake honey)
1 x 2 (o r 3) kilo bottle of luo4shen2 sugary mix
1 x 2 (or 3) kilo bottle of fake honey - Both of these came from Taimali bought in the import store
3 T yeast
5 T nutrient
FOUR WEEKS IN: Racked to secondary. Still way too sweet. One of the ingredients must have fake sugar or preservative. Good flavor, not enough alcohol and too sweet.

Black sugar and kumquat
1 x 1 kilo bottle liquid black sugar
Most of a 2 kilo bag of cheap light brown, big crystal sugar (could have used whole bag) (dissovled the sugar in warm water first)
4/5 bottle of kumquat juice
3 T yeast
3 T nutrient
Pretty week. I didn't fill the fermenter as full as usual.
NOTE: I pitched a little more yeast a day later. It may have been too warm when I orginally pitched.
THREE WEEKS IN: Bubbling strong for two weeks. Today I added two liters of 100% apple juice (Bios). Looking good.

====== Braggot130321 ======
Created Thursday 21 March 2013

* 3 kg honey
* 4.8 kg dark malt (WAY too thick) (8 jin, 1 jin = 0.6 kg)
* 5 tsp nutrient
* 3 tsp yeast
* no boil

Bubbling within 20 minutes. Stratified.

Next time, absolutely heat the malt to mix in a few quarts of water. Can even let it cool overnight and in the meantime get the honey started fermenting, then add the malt/water mixture the next day.


Aerated the last couple of days. The malt layer on bottom is very slowly dissolving. Bubbling stopped by this morning after three days. It started bubbling again after aeration and 1tsp nutrient.


Still bubbling a couple times a minute. Have been aerating every day. The malt is dissolving and looks like it will be completely dissolved within five days.

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