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Home Brewing Mead (General)

by dan @, Sunday, January 03, 2021, 13:06 (52 days ago) @ dan

More note:

====== Mead ======
Created Tuesday 05 February 2013

* Heat 12 liters of water to 70-80 - no boil
* Add at least 6-7 kilos of honey. Honey can be added before above temp reached
* Add fruits and spices, also can be added initially
* Add yeast nutrient (5 teaspoons?)
* Keep at 70-80 for 30 minutes
* Remove and cool to 23-25
* When must is almost cooled, start the yeast starter

Yeast starter
* Sanitize bowl for starter, and all instruments
* Use 15 grams of yeast, around 3 teaspoons
* Add a ladle of of must to bowl
* Add water to get to 23-25 degrees
* Add yeast, no stirring
* Cover for 15 minutes

Putting it all together
* Poor must into fermenter with all fruit
* Top off with water to 20L or so (leave about 2-3 inches in fermenter)
* Oxygenate
* Take OG
* Pitch yeast
* Airlock and test airlock

====== Mead130208 ======
Created Friday 08 February 2013

* 6K honey
* 6 medium sized Taiyuan oranges
* No cooking

* Soak oranges in water and baking soda
* Rinsed oranges
* Sprayed oranges with alcohol
* Filtered water into pot for convenience
* Added 6K of honey
* Strained into fermenter (oranges block funnel)
* Added hot water to pot to dissolve honey, poured over oranges
* Added oranges
* Pitched yeast
* 12 hours later, still no airlock bubbling, but I do see activity in the fermenter

Though there was visible fermentation within hours, the airlock didn't start bubbling until 16 hours. The weather was cooling yesterday, getting under 20 at night, and as night falls and it gets colder, it's interesting to note the slowing in bubbling. It will be warmer over the next couple of days. Let's see what happens.

Fruitflies in the airlock. I read you can put some cotton in it and to frequently pour boiling water or chlorine in your drains. Boiling water sounds more pleasant. And probably more effective.
Bubbling well.

Aerated, added about 1tsp nutrient. Bubbling once every two seconds
Last of it bottled

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