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Science of COVID - Masks (General)

by dan @, Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 10:52 (62 days ago) @ dulan drift

Yeah, I also took notice of that take on masks. Just seeing the various demonstrations over the months of how much masks reduce the snot, spit, and other body body fluids that one spews out with a sneeze makes me seriously question any stand that masks aren't helpful.

There is also one general reality that wasn't addressed in either of those interviews, and that is why the infection and death rates are so much higher in the US, Brazil, and some European countries than they are in any East Asian country. The main differences are that the East Asian countries, with an eye towards Taiwan, S. Korea, and Japan, have had far higher uses of masks and for more stringent lockdowns. If masks and lockdowns don't work, then what accounts for these differences in infection?

So I do have some skepticism about some of these claims, but at least they're trying to have a science-based discussion. If the mainstream media would engage in the discussion, then maybe we'd start moving beyond the 'just trust us' expectations.

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