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Science of COVID (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, December 28, 2020, 07:01 (59 days ago) @ dan

Near the end of this video, they explore some of the possible motives behind the initial responses in China with an eye towards how economically and socially destructive lockdowns have been for the west. My own interpretation is, was this an act of psychological/social warfare? Is it possible that China predicted the West response to this so accurately? Who is benefiting? Who is better off now? Who is worse off?

As Gordon Chang pointed out - regardless of whether you think Covid was developed as a bio-weapon, leaked accidentally, or evolved naturally, you can't escape the conclusion that it functions fine as a bio-weapon.

It has destroyed economies, redefined political systems, influenced elections, dramatically boosted surveillance programs, and crushed protests in HK and Xin Jiang.

As such, all these Gain of Function experiments on viruses should be seen for what they are - biological weapons developments. I would argue they are dangerous and unnecessary. None of that research did anything to prevent Covid - it quite possibly caused it.

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