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Science of COVID (General)

by dan @, Sunday, December 27, 2020, 15:36 (69 days ago)

As a result of looking into the science and data of vaccines, I stumbled across the following interviews that mostly focus on the data surrounding the effects of lockdowns, and the data isn't good.

In this interview, Dr. Reid Sheftall uses NHS and CDC data to demonstrate that lockdowns have had no effect at all on rates of transmission, infection, or death, while at the same time causing enormous health, social, and economic damage.

Near the end of this video, they explore some of the possible motives behind the initial responses in China with an eye towards how economically and socially destructive lockdowns have been for the west. My own interpretation is, was this an act of psychological/social warfare? Is it possible that China predicted the West response to this so accurately? Who is benefiting? Who is better off now? Who is worse off?

In this interview, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick discusses the same effects, with more of a focus on the number of deaths caused by lockdowns.

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