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Northern hemisphere summer - is this the big one? (Weather)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 20:05 (638 days ago) @ dan

Can you get the band back together - minus the dick manager? Actually, i need to wait until spring now - or after the last frost - before i can crank it up again, but it's a top priority to plan the shit out of this place.

I did investigate hemp growing - have gotten as far as printing out the application form - would probably need to hook up with someone to do it - assuming you would need a tractor to plough the field and a header to harvest it. - and lots of signs saying 'Don't steal the fucking weed, dude - it won't get you high!' Was told you'd need to smoke a hectare of it to get a faint high - though you'd probably die of lung cancer before then.

As an opening salvo in the coming northern summer, Taipei is expecting a top of 35C tomorrow - that's 9.3C above ave max for April!

For the week, it's around 5C above ave per day.

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