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Northern hemisphere summer - is this the big one? (Weather)

by dan @, Thursday, April 18, 2019, 10:11 (640 days ago) @ dulan drift

30 acres! That's a lot of trees to plant and/or crops to grow. When I was a treeplanter, we'd plant at about 1.5-2 meter spacing. On a good day, each person would plant 1,000 or more. Much would depend on how much we'd have to 'scalp', or clear, the area to be planted. If no scalping was required, then it would be a very fast process of step step step, hoedad in the ground, break soil, lift, flip seedling in with other hand, stomp as removing hoedad, move on. If a lot of scalping was required, and the inspector was a dick, we'd only get maybe 500/day in. The seedlings, bare-root, would be anywhere from maybe 12" root tip to top, to a couple of feet. If they were small to medium sized, we could get 450 in one load in our tree bags. On a really good day, we could bag up 3 times. Hard work indeed!

I'm simplifying the process. Often it was step step, trip over brush, get up, step, plant.

Are you allowed to grow hemp? (And I do mean hemp rather pot.)

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