AI in politics (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Saturday, February 17, 2024, 11:45 (156 days ago) @ dan

Add a whole range of media jobs that will no longer be needed:


Another seamless transition. The media (mostly) is already an ORG - manipulating imagery - so as to platform or suppress favoured narratives.

It does seem a natural extension - the last extension maybe on the way back to singularity?

I read somewhere that Nvidia (AI ORG) is now higher valued than Google & Amazon - which were already kind of AI companies. Talk about the Rise-of-the-Machine.

Speaking of jobs - i bet there'll still be bureaucracy - even though you'd think that would be an ideal job for AI to replace. Which it will, already has to a large extent. But you still need your human influencers to sell it/institute it on the masses.

The bureaucrats will keep their jobs, as button pushers, as a human face to the system, as enforcers.

Especially enforcement - even it's some Risk Manager reading out the algorithms orders collated from facial rec-tech, bio-surveillance data. I was gonna say policing won't go out of style, coz there'll be demand, but it's self-evident that a day will come when robots can do all the dangerous stuff.

Hybrid Technology will come into the mix. I'm assuming a main attractions will be you can type with your mind - which would be convenient - so they'll be uptake.

That will create a tri-dynamic: normal humans - hybrids - AI

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