AI in politics (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Saturday, December 23, 2023, 18:38 (212 days ago) @ dan

Headlines today include Pakistan’s Imran Khan delivers AI-generated speech to campaign from prison.

On the positive side, it's the same paradox dynamic playing out already on the internet - it's great for One-Everything ORG-GODS - but it's also a good medium for dissenters - so a double-edged sword. It's Dan's Refuser happening. The Prequel. It's probably a losing battle (as it was in the book - until it wasn't - but many years from now) - The GODS have grown too powerful.
Don't know much about Imran Khan politically, the basics - he's a political prisoner - on likely trumped-up/selectively enforced charges. I know him very well as a cricketer - an all-time Great - hence his connection with the public. I wonder if there's any other way to enter that GODS level of Influence - either you're a Celebrity already or you're an ORG actor.

..this serious use of AI in a political campaign is being reported almost as if it's already normal. And maybe it is normal!

That's how it gets you - the soft bang - quietly floods the space until you're swamped by it. Then it gets called The New Normal.

Is this the first time a political campaign has used an AI-generated speech?

And if not, if this has been done before and we haven't heard about it, well that's something.

In terms of not satirical or cartoonish PR, I think super-pacs are doing it in the US? - but saying it's AI generated, kinda as a 'fun thing' - look how tech-savvy we are ...

I suspect it's been trialled/used without disclosure. Any official correspondence i've received for several years would hopelessly flunk a Chat-bot test for plagiarism. Which is weird in itself, humans plagiarizing AI - that's the buy-in. As for political leader image-bots, i don't think Biden is doing it, otherwise he wouldn't keep tripping on plane steps, but there'd be motive.

Putin would be a likely candidate. His daughter is head of Russia's entire AI program. In the Imran Khan example, i'm assuming he still wrote the speech. But there's potential to go the whole hog: AI imaging + speech. Potentially, maybe likely, Tom Cruise will go on acting forever. AI writes a script, then re-images him as the lead-actor. People will watch it, for sure.

(Full disclosure: i'm entertaining Game-simulation as a possible explanation for our existence - in which case: everyone is a robot, including me. The projected images of all Celebrities/Global politicians is already so much like an AI-generated image, that it's impossible to tell the difference. We don't know these Images, we can't talk to them, touch them, influence them.)

So the question is, at what point will such stories stop being reported? At what point will the distinction between an AI-generated speech or image and a real speech or image be discounted, ignored?

It's a slippery slope.

Which we appear to be already sliding down at a million miles an hour. Without quite realizing it. Which sounds contradictive, but we're travelling pretty fast through space already without realizing ... maybe that's how it works.

In that scheme of things, is there a 'point' where it happens? Maybe there is a tipping point - but there are lot of other event-points that go into creating the culture for that tipping point to happen.

One thing for sure, AI is upon us, it's getting bigger, faster. It's not going away. It's making an impact on humanity - on a scale we've never seen.

I hate to use buzz-words, but it's captured humanity, its future course.

Covid gave weilded-AI a great leap forward in terms of normalization. That's the beauty of a man-made crisis - it's an excuse to suspend normal truth & build in the control structures.

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