Earthquake lights (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Friday, September 15, 2023, 21:36 (312 days ago)

9 News: Reports of "earthquake lights" like the ones seen in videos captured before Friday's 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Morocco go back centuries to ancient Greece.

Sometimes, the lights may appear similar to ordinary lightning, or they may be like a luminous band in the atmosphere akin to polar aurora.

Other times they resemble glowing spheres floating in midair.
They may also look like small flames flickering or creeping along or near the ground or larger flames emerging from the ground.

Some Prof: Forty years ago, it was impossible. If you saw them nobody would believe what you saw.

I've seen this twice. First time was during 921 when i saw a light running along the horizon, which i initially thought was power lines going down. Second time was in Dulan when the earthquake happened under my house - i looked out & saw a green luminous flickering light that appeared to be coming out of the ground. Similar color to that in the photo from Morocco, but closer & more like pulsing tongues - spreading out close to the ground. Like lightning in movement but slower.

The second time was more incredible coz it seemed to be everywhere. Both times it was during the earthquake, which is already a shock, so a total trip. Also saw some weird lights a couple of days before 921 that i assumed was lightning.


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