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by dulan drift ⌂, Monday, June 12, 2023, 07:52 (406 days ago)

From all the Covid research we've undertaken, i reached the inescapable conclusion that secret intelligence agencies are deeply involved in the cover up. The agencies have become unaccountable behemoths whose primary concern is to protect their own entrenched power nexus. There's nothing mysterious about this - when you operate in a culture of secrecy & unaccountability - that's a one way street to corruption.

In modern society, the rise of secret societies goes back to WW2. Due to the crisis of war, it became acceptable to have a deep-state force acting way beyond the controls/knowledge of regular society. But when the war was over, these secret power orgs didn't disband - they kept growing as an invisible culture that exerts a major influence over the direction of humanity. But rather than serve humanity, their core mission was to shape humanity - according to their own vested interests.

As we have discussed in the GODS thread, it's not really any one person that controls the show, it's the ORG. People come & go, but the ORG develops a life of its own - it becomes the driving force - it is the GOD.

The Kennedy assassination was a watershed moment in terms of secret societies making mega-moves to control/shape humanity. The fact they got away with that served to reinforce this thinking as standard.

How did they get away with it? The answer is simple - it's classified - so you're not allowed to investigate. Well, you can have a secret fox-in-charge-of-the hen-house investigation, that will find everything was fine, but no real investigation. We couldn't have that coz what if we discovered that people we're paying to protect us are a pack of organized super-criminals? What would that do to the people's trust in the established order?

So it goes on. Secret ORGS grow more powerful, more proactive, less accountable - always protected by the umbrella of secrecy.

The question is: How does this secrecy benefit society?

Ans: it doesn't

I can't think of a single example where i benefit from the workings of secret societies. In fact, historically, they appear to do the exact opposite:
When the Kennedys were pushing back they took them out.
When human rights activism developed in the 70s, they were spied on, rounded-up.
When wars were fought to protect corrupt oil empires on the back of 9-11/Anthrax, they were supported by disinformation.
When China's UFWD program expanded in 80s-2000s, they enabled it.
When Covid was caused by a secret collaboration between Chinese & western scientists, they covered it up.
When globalist bodies (e.g WHO) became blatantly corrupt, they expanded their powers.

The biggest threat to the world/me currently is Totalitarianism/Fascism - but again - our secret societies have been at the forefront of fascilitating this global power-play. The fact is, secret intelligence agencies have way more in common with ORGS such as the CCP than they do with any notions of democratic, open civilization. They both love centralization of data, opaqueness, disinformation, global power.

In Australia, we had the absurd situation where our Defense experts actually installed Chinese spyware throughout every government office in the land! Why did they do that? We're not allowed to know - it's classified. Was anyone held accountable for this? Of course not.

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