Mass Formation Psychosis (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, January 15, 2022, 07:07 (4 days ago) @ dan

One thing that gets me is that nowhere in this detraction does anybody address one of Malone's claims -- that the group think (does that work for you, Jay?) is supporting government and corporate covid policies in an unquestioning, irrational manner similar to how the Germans supported the Nazis. What they aren't addressing is how did the Nazis get good Germans to support the extermination of the Jews? If that wasn't some sort of mass psychosis, what was it? What's the word for that? Because it is that type of irrational behaviour that is happening on a mass scale, whatever you choose to call it.

Exactly. The Nazi situation was a human phenomenon - not a uniquely German one. It can happen anywhere.

People tend to think that one morning Germans woke up and started exterminating the Jews - it wasn't like that - it was a gradual rising tide of manipulated sentiment. There was no 'giant leap' into darkness - it was incremental - the frog in the boiling water - people are barely aware it's going on. Rational thinking - the ability to process information - is slowly converted into mass-irrationality.

Make no mistake, people have always been prone to this, but it doesn't usually happen with so many, at the same time.

The Djokovic case is a small but relevant example. A judge ruled in his favour - even scolded the ominously named Border Force for detaining him when he'd been issued a visa by Australian authorities before he came.

That should have been the end of it. But then Mass Conditioning Psychosis (my new name for it) took over. The public outrage that people have been conditioned to feel against designated demons - that is platformed fanned by the media* - turned on Djokovic to the extent that the Aus Govt felt emboldened to overturn the 'rule of law' and again order his deportation.

With no scientific rationality involved in the decision whatsoever. Not one skerrick.

Pure mob-driven emotionalism - which in turn is shaped/directed by a relatively small clique of power elites.

* news anchors abused Djokovic on hot mic - strategically leaked:
Maddern: Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky, arse-hole.
Amor: You've got a bullshit fucking excuse and then he fell over his own fucking lies.
Good to know our newsreaders are impartial. In keeping with the mass-psychosis phenom - their popularity soared.

But how about applying the above to the media's cover-up of Covid's origin?

The media are a pack of lying, sneaky, arse-holes. They've got a bullshit fucking excuse for covering-up the origin of Covid and then they fell over their own fucking lies.

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