Mass Formation Psychosis (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, January 10, 2022, 12:47 (8 days ago)

This is something we've discussed since 2020 but deserves its own thread.

When Covid first took off i was struck by the fact that here's an event where virtually everyone on the entire planet is thinking about it - at the same time.

The closest i've seen before was 911.

I'm interested in sociology/psychology, so putting everything else aside for a minute, this simultaneous thought convergence was a remarkable event in itself. The world's thought mass at any given time is scattered amongst international, national, local events - that come and go. They act as thought attractors that compete with other thought attractors for attention. Some are big, some are small, some never get going. There's a rough balance. That's normal.

Covid isn't. But here's an admission: Covid has a natural origin. Human nature. Everything is natural (which is not the same as good). Humans are natural vehicles for Thought - they didn't invent it - but very good vehicles. Thought - when hitching its ride with humans at least wants to think bigger - faster - greedierly - to connect - everything.

Humans have now created the thought typhoon of all typhoons - called Covid - now sucking everything into it. This - if it's not balanced out - has The Big One - written all over it.

In the beginning, when Covid's silent bang happened, we didn't know what the above would mean - we're getting a better idea now.

Initially, i thought wow - we're gonna see whether mass psyche or mass psychosis is a real thing or not - recently the term mass formation psychosis was used by Karl Malone on Rogan - and has gained mass-usage since then - so lets go with that.

First i tried googling it - that was interesting in itself. The first two pages are dominated by the usual google Fact Check police 'debunking' it as a term. That tells you something straight away. If Google is censoring it, then they're worried about it.

With Covid-origin or vaccine-hesitancy censorship it's easy to understand what Larry Page would be worried about - both represent a threat to the introduction of a new-normal bio-state and the entrenched nature of globalism - with himself as an MOU - but what's up with the insecurity about three words from textbook psychology vernacular?

Here's my understanding of Mass Formation Psychosis re Covid: the mass, simultaneous thinking about Covid was a bonanza for media. Everyone wanted to know the latest information. People felt vulnerable, afraid. Of course the media loves that. But instead of randomly feeding the fear, the fear was carefully crafted. We were all told to listen to the experts - who were all in agreement - they would navigate us safely through. This messaging was uniform across all media.

Interestingly, if you really wanted to crank up the fear you would have reported on the fact that there was a good chance Covid was a juiced-up super-bug created by scientists in a lab. This would likely have scared people into taking enough precautions in the beginning to wipe Covid out.

But the media/experts didn't do that. I remember thinking i couldn't believe they weren't doing it at the time - but they didn't. The message was: yes, be afraid, but know this is a natural virus, and the only way out is if we all listen to the experts, and comply with what we say in an orderly way. Paradoxically:

stay calm whilst being afraid

In order to steer us safely through, all our basic freedoms were restricted - while power was further centralized - welcome to our new biostate world!

Therein lies the magic trick of mass formation psychosis:

(a) get everyone (or 80% is enough) thinking the same

(b) separate what they're thinking from the truth

(c) replace it with a made-up 'truth'

(d) vilify the rest

Once you've separated the masses from the real truth, you've now created a mass psychosis that's unrestricted by rationality. As such it becomes a malleable form.

If it's not anchored to truth, then it can now be manipulated to think/do whatever you want it to think/do - mass psyche becomes your plaything.

It's by establishing this state, that a large majority of the world's population were convinced to willingly relinquish a whole human-history full of hard-fought freedoms - virtually overnight. Then watch on/jeer as the dissenters were rounded-up/punished.

Actually, i don't know why i'm writing this - if you want to better understand - simply read Dan's book, The Refuser

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