Omicron Data War (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, January 06, 2022, 08:49 (20 days ago) @ dan

Great post.

... a surprising share of patients — two-thirds in some places — are testing positive while in the hospital for other reasons.

This is astonishing. So the majority of people being diagnosed with covid at hospitals went to the hospital for different reasons, presumably not even aware they had covid. One question is, are they now being counted as hospitalized covid patients?

The answer in Aus, at least, is 'yes'. People who are hospitalized in Australia - or die - are considered Covd victims - regardless of whether they were admitted to hospital/died with the disease or due to it.

Data war is the right term here - it's deliberate manipulation of the data for purposes of scaring/controling people. Later if they want to show how effective vaccines/boosters are then they can change it to 'died from Covid'! According to Dan's stats you could reduce Covid deaths/hospitalizations by 2/3's overnight!

The following is a great example - headlines in every media outlet around Aus yesterday:


What are you meant to think when you see those headlines? Covid is now scything down our toddlers - we all need to redouble our efforts to get boosters, increase restrictions! Of course it's rubbish - buried in the bottom of the stories (or not) is a small sentence saying the baby didn't die from Covid - only that she was diagnosed with it.

Here's the rub. When these health care workers test positive for covid (that's not making them sick) they have to stay home, and this is causing people who really are sick with things like heart failure, diabetes, stroke, etc., miss out on treatment.

Exactly the same thing is happening here - but it's presented in the media as 'Covid cases overwhelming the health services'.

We've mentioned this before - now i see it's trending on Twitter as a thing - not saying they got it from us, but we did pick up on it long while ago - that's 'mass psychosis'. One of the things that struck us initially about Covid in that we have an issue which the whole planet is thinking about simultaneously. That's kinda happened before - 911 would be an example - but not to this extent. That's partly due to the advanced state of the internet where thinking can be shaped/whipped up to the point where it no longer has anything to do with reality - it's simply a mass psychosis that has a life of its own. Unhinged from the truth as it is, it can then be manipulated/weaponized for whatever purpose one designs - providing you have the power to control the media - which our lead actors do have.

It's also very hard to stop. Rational reasoning is not gonna work - coz it's an irrational psychosis - you'll just get howled down/banned. It's not going to be easy to break that spell.

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