Cellphone radiation (General)

by dan @, Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 18:12 (20 days ago) @ dulan drift

And this is all going to pale in comparison to 5G when it really gets up and running. Self driving cars, smart appliances, AI, it's all going to require 5G, and this means that small repeaters will be everywhere, next to houses, schools, and hospitals.

This article tells of how big govt. is steamrolling these cells into our lives:
Spaced approximately every 10-20 homes, cell antennas will hang in one or more clusters on utility or light poles. Equipment cabinets the size of refrigerators, with cooling fans and back-up generators, will sit on sidewalks. Towers will be located in the public right of way a few feet from bedroom windows, offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

You'll start seeing more and more of these everywhere:

Here's a list of articles tagged with 5G in our bookmarks.

It's amazing how many academics and health professionals have been screaming from the rooftops about the dangers and unknowns of this technology for years, but in the end of course it's the corporations and politicians who will decide, and the media will do it's part to silence any dissent.

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