Cellphone radiation (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 10:05 (27 days ago)

Dr. Devra Davis, former senior advisor to Bill Clinton:
The issue of cell phone radiation is, we've been in denial, and the denial is in large part psychological. We simply can't think about the possibility … Is it a chance that these things are harmful

We have controlled studies where they take two test tubes of sperm from a healthy man. One they don't expose to cell phone radiation, the other gets exposed. The exposed test tube, those sperm will die three times faster with three times more damage to their DNA," she said. "That has been replicated in many studies, so we know that this is a fact, and yet when the bodies that advise the government are asked for their advice, they say, 'We don't have enough evidence.

If you look carefully at the membership of those bodies and the revolving door between the industry and those who regulate it, you can see that there really hasn't been a full, independent evaluation, which is why we at Environmental Health Trust are calling for an independent evaluation of the science, and the FCC has utterly failed to look.

Sounds awfully familiar to the kind of 'no evidence' science we are seeing practiced with Covid and vaccines - where 'no evidence' is code for 'we know - but we don't want to know - we especially don't you to know.'

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