China Radiation Leak (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 05:41 (217 days ago) @ dan

While there is a chance the situation could become a disaster, US officials currently believe it is more likely that it will not become one, the source added.

Well, that's reassuring! Sort of like, I don't know, the pandemic!

It's got the key ingredients - accident/leak, China, denials - doesn't fill one with confidence.

The Bitcoin aspect is interesting. Was aware that mining Bitcoin burns through the juice but didn't know the extent.

Another unknown is the state of play of the cyber-war. We hear about some of the attacks on key US facilities, but as Dan pointed out, there would be counter-attacks going on in China that we don't hear about. Has one of those further exacerbated the power shortages in southern China?

This is why i'd like to see (but won't) more openness in cyber-wars - that sounds like an oxymoron, but if we're in a war, then i'd like to know about it.

Still don't quite understand the 'waiver' bit - 'waiver' from what?

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