China Radiation Leak (General)

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It looks as though this story may have been broken by CNN, though still trying to confirm.

Here are some disturbing highlights, in addition to what Mike already posted all from this CNN story:

It gets worse:

The issue first emerged when Framatome, a French designer and supplier of nuclear equipment and services that was contracted to help construct and operate the Chinese-French plant, reached out to the US Department of Energy late last month informing them of a potential issue at the Chinese nuclear plant.

The company, mainly owned by EDF, the French utility company, then submitted an operational safety assistance request on June 3, formally asking for a waiver that would allow them to address an urgent safety matter, to the Department of Energy, warning American officials that the nuclear reactor is leaking fission gas.

The company followed up with DOE on June 8 asking for an expedited review of their request, according to a memo obtained by CNN. (Emphasis added)

So it appears this situation has been getting worse over the last month, and that it reached a point that the company had to essentially send an emergency request of sorts to expedite the request for help.

Framatome reached out to the US government for assistance, the document indicates, because a Chinese government agency was continuing to increase its limits on the amount of gas that could safely be released from the facility without shutting it down, (Emphasis added)

So they were continuing to increase the limits. This wasn't a one off increase. It's an ongoing increase of limits.... but.. OK, no contamination.

In the June 8 memo, Framatome informed DOE the Chinese safety authority has continued to raise regulatory "off-site dose limits." It also says the company suspects that limit might be increased again as to keep the leaking reactor running despite safety concerns for the surrounding population. (Emphasis added)

Good God.

"If they do have a gas leak, that indicates some of their containment is broken," Rofer said. "It also argues that maybe some of the fuel elements could be broken, which would be a more serious problem."

Nothing to see here everyone. Keep moving.

While there is a chance the situation could become a disaster, US officials currently believe it is more likely that it will not become one, the source added.

Well, that's reassuring! Sort of like, I don't know, the pandemic!

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