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Pfizer Vaccine - 90% effective? (General)

by dan @, Sunday, February 21, 2021, 16:52 (8 days ago) @ dulan drift

Wait... what?

"The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine no longer needs to be kept at ultra-freezing temperatures and can be safely stored inside normal medical freezers — making distribution easier, the firm said in a report Friday.

The makers of the shots, including the German biotechnology firm BioNTech, have discovered the doses can remain at between 5 and -13 degrees Fahrenheit without spoiling — instead of -94 degrees like previously thought, according to the Financial Times."

So, out of the blue, they have found that the vaccine can indeed be stored at a temperature 100 degrees warmer than they first claimed? Not only does this conveniently make their vaccine much more competitive, and hence profitable, it calls into question everything else about it. If nothing else, this means they marketed this vaccine before they understood the very fundamentals of its chemistry. Either that, or they're lying. Neither explanation instills confidence.

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