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Lockdowns - Bespoke Facilities (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, February 04, 2021, 18:58 (20 days ago) @ dulan drift

Daniel Andrews, Vic Premier:

"I am always happy to sit down with the prime minister and see if there are some bespoke facilities that can be built.

That might give you some greater capacity and might be useful not just for this pandemic but events that could occur in the future. Bushfires, all sorts of different things.

Emergency housing that is fit for purpose and built for that purpose and can be open and get bigger and smaller as the needs call for, that wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a network of that all the way across the country. We don’t have that now – I would be happy to talk to the commonwealth government about that."

Great idea. Didn't China develop a pre-fab kit for that already to re-educate the Uighurs? We can just buy some of those as part of Dan's Belt and Road Initiative - he could get us a good deal.

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