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Lockdowns (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, February 03, 2021, 10:27 (26 days ago) @ dan

The political climate in Australia is growing more and more disturbing. Covid has seen a massive rise in the power/profiles of the state premiers - most of them cannot help themselves.

The federal government has chosen to watch on from the safety of the sidelines - a pathetic abdication of responsibility.

Interestingly, one state, New South Wales, has handled things pretty well in difficult circumstances. The premier has avoided the knee-jerk reactions of draconian lockdowns and border closures and instead concentrated on improving quarantine security for overseas returnees, and rapid contact tracing for the inevitable cases that slip through. It's proven successful.

She has begged other states to refrain from border closures every time someone sneezes in another state - but has been ignored and abused for not listening to the advice of health experts.

Luckily we're printing money by the truckloads so it doesn't seem to matter anymore if you trash the economy.

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