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Extreme events 2020 - California Fires (Weather)

by dan @, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 19:13 (18 days ago) @ dulan drift

California is becoming a crapshoot with regards to travel and camping, much less buying a home. Granted, the fires, though numerous and horrific, actually burn a very small percentage of the forested areas, but they can and do pop up anywhere.

Here's a bit of data that would be interesting to have. Given, say, one acre of land at a specific spot in either the Sierra Nevada or coastal range (Klamath Mountains?) north of the Bay Area, and given that the fire patterns of the last five years will persist or increase as they have increased every year, what is the probability that that acre would get burned in the course of a year?

Another, related question is, are fire insurance premiums rising? That would indicate a rising probability of fire damage.

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