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Extreme events 2020 - California Fires (Weather)

by dulan drift, Saturday, August 22, 2020, 08:21 (32 days ago) @ dulan drift

"Six people have died in some of California's largest-ever wildfires that have fouled the air with heavy smoke across much of the western US."

The Camp Fires of 2018 (which included the incineration of Paradise) didn't even happen until Nov 8, so we can expect a long, hard fire season for the folks living in country California.

Looking at transcripts from the 911 calls coming our of Paradise an d Concow around 7.30am, there appears to be catastrophic miscalculations made by the experts. This includes not believing frantic people that were ringing up to report the fires. They were told they were:
"not in any danger"
"there’s nothing right now, it’s near Pulga, which is way up Highway 70"
(someone reporting thick smoke and orange glow) "Ma’am, unless you see flames then it’s just the sun shining through it."
"they will let you know if you need to evacuate."

Less than 30 minutes later the town of Paradise was on fire.

Yes, they were extreme conditions but there were also a whole stack of deadly mistakes made around that fire - let's hope they've learned something from them.

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