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Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, April 25, 2016, 10:55 (905 days ago) @ dan

Yes, an incredible story, and one wonders if it's terrible journalism, or was some of that 3.5 bil used to kill the story. 3 billionaires dead in the most drmatic circumstances imaginable and it's barely a blimp on the newsfeed. The equivalent might be Warren Buffet walking into his boardroom and shooting everyone dead and it gets a few column inches on Page 3.

Still so many unanswered questions, as you mentioned. There was some suggestion that the shooter was involved in some dodgy development schemes that went south and then wanted money from the family pot to cover these losses - i do wonder if Miramar was a key part of that - it was definitely dodgy and definitely turned into a massive money pit for the family.

I am also very curious about the shooter's supposed 'ties to underworld figures'. Which figures and to what degree? And presumably if he had ties to gangsters, and he was a director of the company, and the other brothers had ties to him, then by extension, they all had ties to gangsters. Sounds like the shooter was much more into playing the flashy gangster role, while the others were maybe a bit more discreet about it.

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