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Murder-Suicide of Miramar Resort Owners (General)

by dan @, Saturday, April 23, 2016, 03:29 (907 days ago) @ dulan drift

Wow. All that money and still tormented by greed and pride.

But there's something missing here.

"Overall, 13 shots were fired, while nine bullets remained in the pistol, police said."

First of all, that's 22 rounds. According to results of a quick search on Wikipedia, the highest-capacity Tanfoglio pistol only holds 18 rounds. See and If that's right, he was either using a modified pistol or he reloaded. Either detail would have been newsworthy.

But it also means he emptied 12 shots into his brothers. He was angry! Or he fired at the other one who ran away. Sounds a little to me like the shooter may have let him get away. Those offices of the 0.01% aren't small.

But there's no mention at all in the article about the use of what in Taiwan would be considered an exotic weapon. I guess if you're that rich, you're allowed to carry a gun.

More world class reporting from our favorite rag!

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