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Sep 4, Kanagawa: Still hot, but a wannabe typhoon that aborted is passing and bringing some relief. Nights are a degree or two cooler. Tomorrow is supposed to be back up into the mid 30's, but after that, highs are forecast to be low 30's for the week and, more importantly, night lows into the mid 20's. This storm is going south of us then doing a turn north, so after tomorrow, we'll be back in the rain again. This is very similar to what happened last year. A storm passed about this time of year and the extreme heat never returned. Still, our forecast calls for above normal temps, but those are in the low 30's. So the graph is still all red, but we'll be more comfortable. And if it cools off at night a bit, that makes a huge difference.

Sep 6, NR: Had a couple of midnight thunderstorms in the last week. It's not that unusual here, but i can't remember too many in Taiwan, where they usually come in the afternoon. Last night's storm was a 'dry storm' though the one a few nights ago was accompanied by heavy rain. There was no sign of any storm building whatsoever when it got dark last night, so quite a surprise. Temp hit 30C yesterday, a sign of things to come. Haven't needed heater/fire the last couple of nights, which is the first time since winter started. It is expected to drop down to 6C overnight in a few days time, however, so winter is not totally finished yet. Typhoon Haikui made a direct bulls-eye hit on Dulan a few days ago. Apparently the biggest winds came from the east as it approached, then the south after the eye passed. Reports suggest the back-half winds were actually bigger than the front-half ones, which is quite unusual.

Sep 6, Kanagawa: Just an observation that it hit 30 in NR today and was over 30 in central (and perhaps northern) Japan as well.

Sep 8, Kanagawa: Very interesting. Last year at this time, a typhoon passed and post typhoon weather was cooler for the rest of the year. This time, a tropical storm passed, yet it's still going to heat up again. The highs are drifting lower, but they're still well above average. Red here, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, means Very High.

Sep 14, Kanagawa: 25C at 7:00Am, which is great, but with a whopping 99% humidity (with the sun out) it feels oddly uncomfortable. I remember days like this in Pingtung, often in the winter as I recall, with temps in the mid 20's but a really high humidity, so not hot enough for the AC to work (unless you turn it way down and have a good AC) and so no way to dry thing out. Even with temps in the low 20's with 99% humidity, you have this weird, very uncomfortable feeling of being cool and hot at the same time. This morning just felt hot.

Sep 18, NR: Hot dry week - temps from 28-35 this week. Nights still cold down to 8C. Thurs has a forecast swing of 23C dif between high & low. Lot of bandicoot activity - does appear to be two different sizes. They seem to be less timid than before. Grass is growing pretty fast - needs cutting every two weeks. Planted zucchini, cucumber, & tomatoes. Swamphens still around. Several rails around even though they're quite solitary. More wallaby activity recently - at least one new baby in the pouch. Opened new section of chook-house. Had been waiting for grass to grow. Planning to ration access to one-two hours a day to see how long the grass can last. Only letting chooks outside 'compound' after 2.30pm. They didn't like it at first - it's like a reverse-Plato's cave experience - but more accepting now. I started new schedule in response to dingo but decided to stick with it. Should also safe-guard against goannas coz i can collect all eggs before letting them out.

Sep 23, Kangawa: Today is the first since last spring sometime that it won't break 30, but after tomorrow (Sun), and for all of next week it will be back up into the low 30's which is well above average. So the unusual heat of the summer is lasting at least until October. A front is bringing drizzly rain and clouds. It's 23 at 8:00AM with highs forecast to be in the high 20's. Pretty much the same forecast for tomorrow, then back to the hot and sticky.

Sep 25, Kanagawa: 18 at 5:00AM. That's the first time it's been under 20 since last spring sometime. Will be getting into the high 20's today. Nice weather. Back into low 30's the rest of the week. But lows are creeping down into the low 20's, so it seems we've turned the corner.

Sep 30, NR: All the usual suspects have returned - scarlet honeyeaters, friar birds, & channel-billed cuckoos. Weather remains above ave & dry.

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