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Sep 2, Kanagawa: It does appear the extreme heat is over. The coming week has a few 30s and 31s in store, but a change has taken place. Typhoon Hinnamnor, probably one of the most difficult typhoons to remember how to spell, is doing a 90-degree turn right now east of Taiwan, after which it will head pretty much north. We're socked in with clouds do to an unrelated front, but the cooler weather it has brought is welcome.

Sep 6, NR: Rain has returned, which is troubling coz this is supposed to be the height of dry-season. Rained all day on the 3rd - ground held up reasonably well thanks to several trailer-loads of cracker-dust. Saw what i think is a bandicoot a couple of nights ago - there's another smaller marsupial that i've seen which i previously thought was a bandicoot - either they are different kinds of bandicoots or one of them is something else. The recent one was relatively large, about the size of a possom, whereas the other one was not much bigger than a rat. Recent one didn't have a pronounced pointed nose. Cool night temps persisting. Last year it was alternating between heater off for 3 days, then on for 3, but this year i've needed heater every night. Not freezing, but temps around 6-7C most nights. Haven't hit 10 since before winter. Heard barn-owl again last night. Wallabies returning. Heard friar-birds for first time. Peaches appearing.

Sep 9, NR: Rained overnight & this morning - preceded by an arthritis attack 2 days before the change - assume it's to do with high & low pressures. Saw a mother wallaby with a joey (baby) in the pouch - so cute - the joey peering out with wonder-filled eyes. It's a good system as every time mum stops & bends over to eat grass, the incline is just right for the baby to graze as well. Significantly colder than previous years. Sep ave high/low is 25/10 - we're nowhere near that for the 7-day forecast - not freezing - no frosts.

Sep 10, Kanagawa: First morning since early summer that it was actually comfortable taking a morning walk. Still supposed to hit 30 today with high humidity, but the low overnight was 22.

Sep 17, Kanagawa: The third typhoon of the season, Nanmadol, is approaching. Meanwhile, I don't think Taiwan has gotten anything this year, at least not directly. Today high of 30 and very humid -- typical pre-typhoon weather. Nights are getting cooler with lows in the low 20's a couple of times. Tonight it will go down to 24. Looks like we may break 20 after the typhoon passes.

Sep 24, NR: Another downpour across Sep 21-22. We had over 100 mil, though places just north of here had up to 300 mil in a few hours. Flooding out west. Radically under-forecast once again by BoM. You'd think they would learn by now. The forecast was for 35 mil. In the middle of the night when it was already pouring we got an sms alert (first time i've gotten that despite all the floods) - but that's too late. Good news is that the water-table has dropped sufficiently to absorb it - and my hardwork on the paths around the house has paid off - so not the same bog-up effect that was happening for months after floods. Temps have remained relatively cool. Still using heating practically every night, though it's right on the threshold. Huge brown snake near the house a few days ago. Worryingly, the chooks seem fascinated by snakes - i think it's the wriggling that triggers something - maybe it's a giant worm! The rail had an interesting approach - it seemed to know it was dangerous but instead of darting off, it calmly walked along behind, quite close, monitoring the snake until it had passed out of its area. No obvious sign of pecans re-leafing yet though bush between house and shed has fully re-leafed - happened very fast. Haven't mowed grass yet though it probably needs it.

Sep 25, Kanagawa: The weather has taken a turn, right around the fall equinox on the 22nd actually. Once Nanmadol passed, the weather cooled and it looks like the extreme heat and humidity of the summer of 22 are over. Highs for the coming few days are forecast in the high 20s with lows in the low 20's. We have had a couple nights in the high teens. Overall very pleasant weather.

Sep 27, NR: First lawn cut for the year - could have pushed it out another week or two but with all the snake activity around the house it seemed a good idea. Clover is in full bloom - left a large patch of it on the rock side to see what happens - it may slow down the grass growth - it's also providing a lot of flowers for the bees. Storm predicted for tomorrow. Weather still very pleasant mostly - not hot days as yet.

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