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Sep 3, NR: Seasonal changes galore. Suddenly hearing koels, and heard first channel-billed cuckoo yesterday. The black cockatoos continue to hang around - appears they even nested here this year coz saw a baby one yesterday. Day temps up to 26-27. Forecast to cool down in next few days with lows back to 6-7C. Not sure if i mentioned the Butcher Bird (BuBu) reappeared last month after an absence of several months - pretty sure it's the same one. Assume food is the motivation as it's nesting season. Seems to have graduated to having his own brood. Occasionally the baby will accompany him to the house to get food though the parent will scold him for this. Typical baby - happy, excited, stupid - knows nothing about the dangers of the real world. The rail that was living under the porch has moved out from there - probably coz i started work on the new porch and set up my work station too close. However, did see it yesterday in a different place. Grass is looking like it needs a cut - but putting that off as usual.

Sep 8, Kanagawa: Seems we're once again crossing paths, meteorologically speaking. Our weather shifted dramatically around Sep 2 with a front moving in from the NW. Highs in the low to mid 20's, 25 today and tomorrow, 29 forecast for Friday, night lows in the high teens or low 20's. Very pleasant weather even with the clouds and occasional rain. Leaves are starting to change, definitely a seasonal shift going on.

Sep12, NR: Yep, i could nearly cut and paste your notes - apart from the rain which has disappeared. Big differences in day and night time temps - like 22C or more - which indicates it's very dry. Today and tomorrow are predicted to hit 30 - which is the 'fear of summer' moment that usually pops up around this time. Supposed to turn cold again after that - well lows down to 5-6C but days still low-20's - ideal for me. The local farmer says Sep 23 (the day of the local Agricultural Show (or fair)) is the day to plant as you can still get a frost up until that day - but not after. However, i'm jumping he gun a bit - planted some 'wild tomato' seeds 5-6 days ago and normal tomatoes today. The wild tomatoes are started sprouting yesterday. Snow peas and snap peas producing - need to water. Surge in snake activity - saw a large black snake go under the house while i witnessed two large taipans (world's top five deadly snakes) cavorting on the roof. That's on the roof, in plain sight, not in the roof. Never seen that before. Pretty sure they were making love rather than fighting. Presumably they live in the roof - which is slightly unnerving - but at least they keep the rats down. Young raven appears to have been moved on. It's not like normal birds where they will chase the young off at a certain age - the parents did seem to make a lot of effort to get him set up in a new territory with a mate - including extensive negotiations with the neighbours.

Sep 19, NR: Forgot to mention March flies have appeared in last couple of weeks - in fact everything has appeared - including friar birds - it's definitely spring. Temp stuck around 20C last night - hard to know why some nights are so warm when most are cold - the day was only mid-20's. Lack of rain is becoming a factor - next stop for rain is probably the wham-bam October storms. Grass needs cutting but still in that space where you can put it off - not going wild. Patches of clover springing up. Did have to weed-whack around the house though. Magpie has started to come for food - they're much fussier than the ravens - only like fresh mince beef. Went down to get some creek soil this week - was quite simple - drove down with the trailer - shoveled directly into it - almost filled it - then unloaded onto garden. Looks like good soil - bit sandy - but as it's clay in my veggie patch then a a bit sandy is a good thing. Bloody hard day's work though - also needed to dig/weed garden bed - then mulched. Haven't planted out yet - will wait until after Sep 23 just to be safe.

Sep 22, NR: 30C to 4C in 36 hrs - but no frost. Week forecast is moderate - mid 20's - lows around 5-8 - so very good. Peaches are appearing but seem stunted. Saw a couple of fireflies recently - didn't even realize they existed here. Storms forecast for yesterday - saw some distant lightning but nothing happened here. Two quail near house.

Sep 27, NR: Finally some rain - not a thunderstorm - came in from the SSE. About 5-10mm. Seen a pair of quail hanging around the house - as with the rail, they are surprisingly unafraid of me, approaching within a few metres without showing alarm. Planned to mow the lawn but was thwarted by flat battery on the mower. Planted out tomatoes as chance of frost has passed. Forecast lows of 6&7 for next two nights but then that could be the end of needing the heater for this year.

Sep 30, NR: Storm season! Woke up this morning to heavy rain - didn't go too long - but there are storms about - possibly severe ones. Distant/approaching thunder as i write. This is the first of the season - the kind that come on with a bang - not lasting long but intense - thunder lightning wind maybe hail - coming in from the west like hit-or-miss shrapnel. Eventually you do get hit though. There is a large low pressure centred around south east NSW that is causing havoc across a large theatre from Adelaide to Brisbane - about 3000 km

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