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Sep 3, Aomori: Highs so far in September have been in the high 20's with overall very pleasant weather. The typhoons so far this season have been hitting southern Japan, not Taiwan, then heading up to S. Korea. One is on that track now, Haishen.

Sep 6, Northern Rivers: Seasonal changes galore. Heard channel-billed cuckoos for first time this year, as well as noisy friar birds, though not in big numbers. May have heard scarlet honey eater but just one or two if it was. My natives aren't flowering much yet so that's what brings in the big numbers. Butcher bird that feeds from my hand is bugging me a lot for extra food - according to bird book the first year birds have to help feed the next crop of babies, which are their younger brothers and sisters. Up to 27C last week and haven't needed heater for a few nights though on again tonight - some gentle rain brought in cooler weather after a two week dry period. Peas and beans are going well - as is chamomile. Up to five plants now - only one flowering - but enough for a cup of tea (20 petals) every couple of days. Noticed last year there were already fires at this time - it's not like that this year thank god.

Sep 9, Aomori: We've had a few hot days lately reaching into the low 30's. 32 today and school closed at 10:30. Same thing happened yesterday. Hot, humid, with no AC. And yet, the leaves are changing. 32 today and the highs in about three days will be in the high teens.

Sep 17, NR: Channel-billed cuckoos have arrived in force - saw a flock of 7-8. Noisy friarbird numbers also growing. Weather is great mid-twenties - getting hot but not too bad. Switched to shorts for working. Tonight had windows open for an hour after dark - no heater. White Cockatoo numbers diminished greatly but some still around - if it was like that all the time it'd be fine. Grass needs cutting but i'm putting it off. On consecutive days a military bomber-style airplane (ok, maybe personnel carrier) flew super-low over my house (200-300m?) heading north. Never seen that before - not here. Might be a covid thing.

Sep 20, Aomori: September so far has been mostly nice. Yesterday and today have been brilliant with highs of about 25, lots of sun, and low humidity and only light wind, if any. This is about as good as it gets with regards to weather. Tonight's low forecast to be 16, a couple degrees cooler than last night. Leaves are just starting to yellow on some trees. Everything has gone to seed. Rice harvest is quickly approaching, the one harvest per year in this region, so it's a big deal. I see the Cuckoos have arrived in NR. We have the Japanese Cuckoos here in spring and early summer. Not sure where they are now. The first year we were here, I swear to God, I heard those things and for weeks wondered who in the hell set their alarm clock for 4:30 AM! True story! Also, first of this year's apples have arrived. This is a world famous apple growing region and they are absolutely delicious.

Sep 23, NR: Tales of Japanese apples makes me hungry! Three days of 30C and two warmish nights. Was doing roofing for two of those days - there's a 'feels-like' factor with the heat glare off of the roof of about 57C. Haven't needed heater for a while but nights have still been cold until recently. Sad to say goodbye to winter. Bloody grass is getting out of control - so reluctant to get back into the grass cutting cycle as it's like a part-time job once it starts. Predictions of a wet winter/spring due to a La Nina haven't eventuated - in fact very little rain for several weeks and nothing forecast. Coucals still around - they were also common in Taitung but seemed shier there - here i see them in a tree or on the ground close to the house. They make that slightly haunting ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh call which is a familiar sound of Taiwan. They walk a lot but can fly ok - usually short distances - just strangely clumsy for a bird - when they land it looks like it's the first time they've ever done it. Saw a wedge-tailed eagle take something a couple of days ago in house paddock - didn't swoop exactly - just lowered down quite slowly, vertically, like a parachute coming in. Couldn't see what it got - as usual every other bird was harassing it - including my pet buthcher bird. March flies arrived in force - should be called September flies here.

Sep 29, NR: It's like God has been playing with the heat dial lately. Went from 30 one day to 0C and frost within 36hrs. The weird thing is that apart from the temp variations there's been no discernible change in the weather - if that makes sense. No rain to bring in a cool change - not even much in the way of clouds or wind - just gradually hotter or colder. La Nina has been declared - they keep saying above ave rain but it's been dry here for weeks. Anyway, loving the mid-20's this week. Heater back on tonight. Wedge-tailed eagles around a lot. Not so many friar birds this year - still haven't seen the scarlet honey eater.

Sep 29, Aomori: September has generally been a very good month with a good deal of sun and highs in the low to mid 20s and lows in the low teens near the end of the month. We did have a few days with heavy rain, maybe five, but all in all it has been a very comfortable month.

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