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Sep 3, Aomori: Highs so far in September have been in the high 20's with overall very pleasant weather. The typhoons so far this season have been hitting southern Japan, not Taiwan, then heading up to S. Korea. One is on that track now, Haishen.

Sep 6, Northern Rivers: Seasonal changes galore. Heard channel-billed cuckoos for first time this year, as well as noisy friar birds, though not in big numbers. May have heard scarlet honey eater but just one or two if it was. My natives aren't flowering much yet so that's what brings in the big numbers. Butcher bird that feeds from my hand is bugging me a lot for extra food - according to bird book the first year birds have to help feed the next crop of babies, which are their younger brothers and sisters. Up to 27C last week and haven't needed heater for a few nights though on again tonight - some gentle rain brought in cooler weather after a two week dry period. Peas and beans are going well - as is chamomile. Up to five plants now - only one flowering - but enough for a cup of tea (20 petals) every couple of days. Noticed last year there were already fires at this time - it's not like that this year thank god.

Sep 9, Aomori: We've had a few hot days lately reaching into the low 30's. 32 today and school closed at 10:30. Same thing happened yesterday. Hot, humid, with no AC. And yet, the leaves are changing. 32 today and the highs in about three days will be in the high teens.

Sep 17, NR: Channel-billed cuckoos have arrived in force - saw a flock of 7-8. Noisy friarbird numbers also growing. Weather is great mid-twenties - getting hot but not too bad. Switched to shorts for working. Tonight had windows open for an hour after dark - no heater. White Cockatoo numbers diminished greatly but some still around - if it was like that all the time it'd be fine. Grass needs cutting but i'm putting it off. On consecutive days a military bomber-style airplane (ok, maybe personnel carrier) flew super-low over my house (200-300m?) heading north. Never seen that before - not here. Might be a covid thing.

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