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Northern Rivers, Sep 9: Continuing dry - in fact it's hardly rained for two months - with none predicted in the 14 day forecast. Bushfires sprung up a few days ago (when temp hit 32) - again caused by farmers/gov agencies (backed with government issued permits) lighting burn-off fires on their properties as well as fuel reduction burns that got out of control. It's 'political incorrectness gone mad'. Skies have been smoky past two days. Appearance of two new birds - scarlet honeyeater and noisy friarbird. Nights are still mostly cold with a few exceptions. Days sunny and windy

Aomori, Sep 12: September has been a very nice month so far with warm, relatively dry weather. Sep 9-10 were very hot (low 30's) resulting in school suspension after 10:30AM. There are no air conditioners in the classrooms, which are small and poorly ventilated.

NR, Sep 19: Rain has been forecast a couple of times but hasn't arrived. There's a rain icon for today and tomorrow but closer inspection shows a 50% chance of 0-1mm - so won't be getting too excited. Water tank was on the verge of running out again - got it refilled from a water-tanker for the second time - needed to book 9-days in advance! Bad luck if you just run out then have to wait 9 days. Friar birds seem to have chased off the scarlet honey eaters, which is a pity. Early signs of algal bloom on the creek. Still need to light the fire in the evenings, though only just.

Aomori, Sep 20: September has been very nice so far, aside from the short 'heat wave' (ha!). Cool nights, warm but not hot days, what more could one ask for. Nights in the low teens, days in the mid 20's. Just enough rain now and then to keep things green and clean. Brilliant.

NR, Sep 22: Second night in a row that the fire is not needed - that hasn't happened since several months ago. Planted lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, but not that optimistic for their survival - the soil is full of clay - maybe i should consider rice farming. Added some cow manure and mulch but it needs more work - just not enough time this year. Got about 1-2 mm yesterday but no real rain in sight for coming week

NR, Sep 25: Noticed first re-leafing of pecan nut trees. Also silky oaks turning brown

Aomori, Sep 30: September has overall been a very nice month with comfortable daytime temperatures and cool nights. Lots of sun. High today to hit 26, yesterday about the same.

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