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September 5, Istachatta: I'm starting to take Hurricane Irma seriously. It's a category 5 and sitting over a lot of warm water, headed out way. If it clears the southern tip of Florida then loops NNE, which is quite possible, then Tampa Bay is in for the dreaded scenario. No matter what happens, somebody is going to get it.

September 8, Istachatta: Irma is headed pretty much straight for us now. I was hoping it would stay on the east coast but it has decided it likes the west better. Very good chance we'll have to evacuate after the storm due to power outages. No power, no water. Have enough water stored for a few days and I could always go wrestle the gators for some in the nearby pond. Big storm, cat5, raging, huge... not sure I'm looking forward to it.

September 18, Istachatta: Cleaning up from Irma. House is fine. Shed is toast. Four full grown trees down and debris everywhere. The trees down are mostly Sweetgum, and there's that nut tree of some sort. The Sweetgum get big, probably 70' tall at least. It's a mess. None of the ancient Live Oak fell down which is amazing. Also, none of the dead trees fell down. I was hoping they would! As of yesterday, dry air has rolled in which is great. Days are still hot, in the low 90's, but nights are a cool high 60's. That's the first cool night weather we've had since spring.

September 19, Istachatta: The mosquitoes are the worst I've ever experienced. Trying to clean up outside today, I was surrounded by a swarm of them. Even standing in the smoke didn't help There has been a lot of stagnant water around since the hurricane. They're plastered to the outside of our screen door. Really out of control. I'm generally against blanket spraying by the local government, but that spray truck can come here any time! It's too bad because the weather is absolutely great. Nice and dry, sunny, a bit hot in the daytime, but cool nights.

September 30, Taidong: Much less dramatic in Taidong thought we had enough excitement last year! Technically I was in Australia all of sep but it was dry and hot in Taidong - more record heat in Taipei with a day of 38 something. No typhoons thank God. Thorny tree started flowering (pink) on sep 1 - full bloom when I got back - mulching held up pretty well

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