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Sep 7, Taidong: 'Dan's Low' is still in position and has continued to feed heavy rain into the southern counties of Taiwan, though not much here. Although cloudy, it's still hot and humid - still 26 when i went to bed last night, which apart from a few 27's, is exactly what it was all summer. In fact, amazing how consistent it is. Has dropped to 25 on a few occasions recently, which is a sign that it is slowly giving it up. Saw first yellow wagtails yesterday, which is a few weeks earlier than last year. First dbjf a couple of days ago and blowing again today - not huge though.

Sep 7 Istachatta: The night before last was the first night this season that the low was below 70F (20C). Very nice weather this week with night lows in the high 60's to 70 with daytime highs of 90. Air is much dryer making for some beautiful weather.

Sep 11, Taidong: Supposedly there was a mystery explosion emanating from the mountains around the rift valley in Taidong on Sep 8. A friend called me from Taipei to ask if i was ok - i was - in fact i didn't hear it - but apparently it was a big news story (though not in English press). I do remember several years back hearing repeated explosions in the middle of the day coming from the mountains - definitely not thunder - i finally assumed it was a major roadworks thing and someone detonating explosives to build a tunnel or a road or the like. Happened over a period of days as i remember. I now wonder if it might be a gas-release type thing - or possibly a military site. New typhoon Meranti is predicted to make a bee-line straight for us. Please. God. No. No real cool change so far. It has dropped off a bit in the day time - been very cloudy and looking like it will rain at any second without actually raining properly - though pouring virtually everywhere else on the island. Here though, it's extremely humid with very little fluctuation between day and night time temps. Still 26 when i go to bed - only hitting a high of about 28 during the day (though of course, feels much hotter)

Taidong, Sep 27:Typhoon Megi affected the whole country simultaneously - which is unusual. Notable in particular for it's stamina - people in Taipei said it blew hard for 12 hours or more. Hualien was the hardest hit with the wind, though Tainan ended up with the most rain. In fact Tainan had 1220 mil for Sep - surely a record - their ave is 178

In Taidong, as is usual for any typhoon that goes in north of us, there was nothing much until the eye made landfall, then we did get some decent back-half wind. Preceding that was a short but intense Foehn wind - apparently the temp leapt to 36 in a matter of minutes - but only lasted less than an hour - though that was enough to cause serious burn-off damage to the leaves of many trees.

Taidong 31: Above average temp for all of Taiwan for Sep

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