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Sep 8 Taidong: The front returned a couple of days ago, though in weakened form - decent falls throughout Taiwan, though just 3 mil here. However, it does seem to have kick-started the first dong bei ji for the season. Also, egg-stealing mongoose is back. Phoenix trees are still blooming. Autumn brown and yellow-breasted bird that likes to sit on sprinkler nozzles returned a few days ago. Definite signs that summer is drawing to a close with a day-time low of 26 yesterday. Warmer today but still comfortable.

Sep 10 Istachatta: Still hot. It hit 36 today according to my car, and it felt like it, and very humid. I've decided that west central Florida is more humid than Taiwan, as impossible as that sounds. I checked the weather page the other morning. No clouds in the sky or on the radar, and it was reading at 100% humidity... with the sun out. Is that even possible? Daily morning humidity has been around 97-98%, with clear skies. I guess with coasts on both sides, that's what happens. A slight change is coming. By the 12th, our night time lows are set to hit 71, or 21C, a marked difference of a couple of C. In Taiwan, when the night time lows fell below 20, that was a definite indicator of seasonal change, so let's hope this is something along those lines. UPDATE: We got another 2.5 inches of rain two days ago. I think that's something like 60mm, in an hour. EDIT 2: Interesting that your first dong bei ji is coinciding with our first predicted seasonal lows in daytime and night time temps, to happen over the next 72 hours.

Sep 13 Taidong: First real dbjf today. Warm, sunny, but windy - med-strong on the dbjf scale - enough to have to take in the shade cloth. Much earlier than last year. No wind warning from CWB, but there should have been. Ku ling trees and wu hwan jr starting to turn yellow. Reak sense that summer has passed. Continuing dry trend - the odd shower but typhoon season rainfall is way down. (Dan that humidity is impressive! I remember here i could hang out a thin quilt in blazing sunshine from sun-up to sundown and it still wouldn't be dry - but it's changed now.)

Sep 14 Istachatta: Got up this morning to find clear, dry conditions and a temp of 66F or 19C. A cold (and wet) front went through. It's going to be short lived. It's supposed to hit 89 today, or almost 32, but the extended forecast is for nothing over 88 or 89, which is a marked change.

Sep 24 Istachatta: The cooling trend is continuing, ever so slowly. Rain is less frequent, temperatures cooler, highs in the mid to high 80's (28-31C). I can actually work comfortably in my 1st floor office with the windows open and no AC for the first time since June.

Sep 29 Taidong: Typhoon Dujuan struck Taiwan making landfall in Ilan and then tracking in a familiar south west direction across the island, coming out around Chiayi/Yunlin. Despite typhoons seeming to routinely do this, nobody predicted the track. Previously it had been predicted to go east of Japan when it was a few days out to sea but due to the STR building in it became a virtual straight runner. Huge Foehn wind here after the eye crossed the coast - hot, dry and unpleasant, and went on for several hours. Taidong temp jumped by 8 degrees just on evening to hit 36+.No major damage or casualties reported, depsite it packing cat 4 winds - shows how battle hardened Taiwan is. Edit: There were 3-4 deaths and 300+ injuries - mainly from the wind and people riding around on their scooters in the middle of the typhoon.

Since the above mentioned dbjf on Sep 13, there has been a late burst of summer with hot, calm days leading up to the typhoon. First yellow wagtails are appearing though not big numbers. Phoenix tree has just finished blooming. Eating first lettuce from garden. With just two days left of Sep we are looking at another record dry month. Should get 330 mil in Sep but have only had 20 odd mil. (just 6 mil from the typhoon!)

Only 30 mil of rain for Sep - a new record low? Certainly the lowest in 10 years.

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