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Sept 4: There has been what seems to be a noticeable seasonal change in the last week or so, with highs only reaching the low 30s, if that, and the nights actually getting cool. First dbjf of the season - would seem to be a very early start. small-med grey bird has returned to property - likes to perch low to ground out in the open - fence posts, sprinkler heads etc.

Sep 6: Near perfect weather - moderate temps and cool nights. First egret of the season on property.

Sep 7: noticed those little fruit flies returning, the ones that come in late feb. obviously need the drop in temp, but don't like it too cold.

Sep 12: Burst of low pressure activity with three lows out there. got a bit over an inch of rain in a decent downpour around 7am this morning from slow moving one just beneath us on coast of ne ppe. Great lightning show out to sea last night preceding it. Put tomato plants and lettuce in. Before the rain we had a few pretty hot days.

Sep 16: One of those lows, now typhoon usagi, is on track to hit TD on sat.

Sep21: Several days of strong, dry ne wind - that kind of wind that seems to spring up when a typhoon is around without being generated by the typ - possibly air rushing into the low pressure. switched to the west tonight and some big gusts came down off the mountains - 'blowing things of the porch' level. would expect the wind to die off as typhoon approaches before starting up again as actual typhoon wind. still pretty hot during the day.

Sep 23: Wind never did die off, just built as the typhoon came. Eye passed between tw and ppe. Effect of typhoon here was relatively moderate - winds gusting up to 100kph and about 300mm of rain over a three day period - just short of damaging levels for both. Serious erosion of beach in front of hotel. Worst hit areas were southern pingdong - which got about 600mil in one day. Lots of prime driftwood in certain locations. Noticed yellow wagtails for first time a day or so after typhoon. Cooler weather and rain has caused a bug explosion.

Sep 27: Strong dbjf has continued after typhoon. Seems to be extra strong this year.

Sep 30: Bloody hot - felt like mid-summer. Cool change late afternoon and light shower. Rainfall for Sep: 429 mm. Above ave, and compares to only 80 mil last year.

Sep 30: It was indeed very hot today. It felt like it had to be 33-4 for a while, and humid. Quite uncomfortable.

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