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  • Sep 3: Brief rain in XC tonight, but dry north of LC. Usually expect a noticeable drop in temperature as soon as Sep begins, but so far the mornings have been pretty hot, though with good cloud cover after 3pm. A line-up of possible typhoons seems to be forming to the south east in the usual spot. Once one of those arrives it should be the end of summer. Can see cold fronts to the north starting to creep lower - a reverse of the mei yu season.
  • Sep 8: The last few days have seen a slight seasonal shift to afternoon clouds and some (though not daily) late night showers. Temps have been between 25-32. A greater variety of bugs are out, including more praying mantis, that long furry semi-flying thing, and other critters. The mosquitoes were horrible after Tembin, but appear to be calming down. It seems there are fewer interesting bugs out at night, but perhaps that's because this year I'm spending less time on the porch doing late night partying.
  • Sep 12: Started to notice a few more seasonal changes kicking in, even though it's been two weeks of sunny, pretty pleasant summer weather, bit hot if you were gonna be picky, but not that brutal stuff. Common brown bird that likes perching in open places has returned after a summer absence. Major typhoon sanba (38 in chinese)is churning away in a very threatening spot for us actually, but is forecast to go almost due north at a good clip, but hasn't left the gates so far.
  • Sep 14: A bit more comfortable this morning, although the sun is still packing a nasty punch. There's a slight breeze and the last two days have seen an increase in clouds, though they don't seem to be associated with Sanba. The mosquitoes seem to be worse this year than last. We need rain.
  • Sep 16: Yesterday was very gusty with Sanba well offshore. Amazingly, it appears we're not going to get a drop of rain out of Sanba. This morning is partly cloudy, cool, and calm. Cool ne wind came through in the evening, switch from light southerly in the morning. Felt like it could have been the first dong bei fong of the season.
  • Sep 17: Nice, cloudy, cool day. This was the first day in months that it has been cool enough to go to the beach at midday and feel comfortable. It feels like a seasonal shift, though I'm sure we have plenty of blazing, hot days yet in store.
  • Sep 18: Distinctly cool today with moderate ne wind - definite signs of seasonal change over the last few days - think we can pronounce summer to be officially over. On the rain front, we've had a paltry 25.5 ml and we're more than half way through the month. The ave for Sep is one of the highest for the season - over 300ml. Gonna need some downpours pretty soon if we're gonna get anywhere near that. Though that is often the way it happens here.
  • Sep 20: Nice and cool and overcast the last few days. We had about 8ml of rain last night, and there's a storm brewing east of the Philippines. It definitely feels like we've turned the corner on summer.
  • Sep 25: The last few days have seen cool nights, hot sun in the mornings until early afternoon, then clouds with some showers, with the exception of yesterday when we had nearly 70ml, a much needed rain. Typhoon Jelawat seems to be starting to affect our weather pattern. Clouds are moving in quickly from the north. Jelawat is predicted to run north off our coast, not hitting us directly.
  • Sep 28: Jelawat passed up east coast bringing massive waves, but no rain despite forecasts of 90%. Only after it reached okinawa did we get some light rain, possibly from tail.
  • Sep 30: Saw first yellow wagtail - later than last year i think. Rainfall for Sep was a paltry 80.5ml. Sep ave is 300+
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