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Oct 3, Kanagawa: The last couple of weeks have been very pleasant with highs in the low to mid 20's and lows in the high teens. Fall is definitely in the air but it's still shorts weather most days.

Oct 6, NR: Oct 1 we had a 'perfect storm' - nice thunder/lightning show - couple of house rumblers - moderate to good rain - no drama. Since then a couple of 30C days and windy - so unpleasant - nights fluctuating between 20C to 5C last night, though got cold late. Tonight will be last heater fire for the year. Putting roof on back porch - have left it a bit late as i'm now trying to pick gaps between hot and windy days - not conditions you want to be doing roofing in. Saw a dingo this morning in back paddock - had some prey in its mouth but couldn't make it out.

Oct 15, NR: 'Severe storms' were predicted but didn't hit here - that's the nature of Oct storms - hit or miss. Several places did cop it - including a tornado 150km south of here and hailstones/downpours 100 k north. No doubt we'll get what's coming at some stage. Jacarandas in full bloom. Silky oaks bloomed a few weeks ago - still bright yellow. Saw a brown snake near old compost toilet - Butcher bird was fascinated - a tubular thing slithering around excites some instinct of possibly edible - but too damn big. Got the binoculars on the snake - he went under a concrete pavement slab but stuck his head out to keep an eye on things. Quail still around - can here them call. Black cockatoos much less but still around. Planted cucumbers, more lettuce, coriander. Late cold snap - down to 10 tonight - then 8 for next two. Need to get fire going - seems late.

Oct 16, Kanagawa: October has been beautiful so far, with daytime highs in the mid 20's, lots of sun, and generally pleasant weather. That's all changing today with an incoming front that will bring highs down into the high teens in the coming days and lows into the low teens.

Oct 24: Plenty of storms around but nothing too dramatic here. Pleasant temps in mid-20's. Should be cutting grass - did some - but time to start the two-weekly cuts. May have trouble getting down to native tree paddock as it's already been wet. 32 yesterday - same today - then back to mid-20's for a few days. Long-range forecast is a for another wet spring/summer. Coucal is often close to house - calling regularly. Cut thistles with weed-whacker using blade attachment. Each year they seem to pop up in different places. This year the driveway paddock is largely thistle free - last year it was over-run. Instead they're mainly along ridge line before drop-off to the creek flood plain.

Oct 24, Kanagawa: Definite cooling trend going on. Low last night was 10C. Beautiful day with high of 18, lots of sun, low wind.

Oct 28, NR: Couple of hot days. Storms around tonight but not here. Mowed tree-paddock for first time of the year. It needed it but not out of control. End of Oct is a good date to do it first by. Hawk in tea-trees - brown - didn't get a good look - the ravens were going crazy - but they were quite wary of it - the wagtails were fiercer/braver - right in its face - may have been after their nestlings. The hawk wasn't deterred - jumping around in the trees after something. Lot of hawks hunt like that it - it's not the swooping technique - it's chasing. Finally i intervened - which you're not supposed to do as a real naturalist - but did anyway - scared it off. The wagtails might thank me.

Oct 31, Kanagawa: Cooling trend continues. Today is cloudy, rainy, with a high of 16 but it feels cooler than that. Low wind.

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