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Aomori, Oct 2: Yesterday and today have been brilliant, with highs at about 26, dry, lots of sun, and cool nights with lows of 12-14.

Northern Rivers, Oct 2: Suddenly the noisy friarbirds all left and the scarlet honeyeaters returned in increased numbers - 20-30 of them feeding on the nectar trees out the back porch. Seems they don't co-exist too well but enjoy the same habitat. Not sure what prompted the friar birds to move on

Aomori, Oct 11: The second week of October has seen cooler temperatures with lows getting under 10 at night and highs in the high teens to low twenties. Overall very nice, dry weather with good sun. Typhoon Hagibis is heading straight for Tokyo, expected to hit tomorrow. HND and NRT are mostly shutting down tomorrow. This was a super typhoon that has weakened slightly. We fly out of Misawa Sunday so it's a toss up whether our flight will be canceled because Hagibis is heading our way after Tokyo, though it will be going in a NE direction so we might be OK.

Aomori, Oct 12: Hagibis is approaching Tokyo. Our flight status out of Misawa tomorrow is uncertain. It looks like the weather will permit flying but the question is will there be a plane available. Flights in and out of Tokyo have been cancelled. Heat was turned on in our building.

Aomori, Oct 15: Low tonight to hit 7. Low tomorrow night to hit 4. They do know when to turn on the heat, don't they. Aside fron Hagibis, weather is clear and dry.

Northern Rivers, Oct 18: Some hot days including consecutive 38's a couple of weeks ago which resulted in a flare-up of existing bushfires that destroyed 60 homes. Then consecutive 35's this week. The ave max for oct is only 28. Friarbirds suddenly disappeared around the end of Sep whereupon scarlet honeyeaters flooded back in. Some white cockatoos appeared having been absent for several months but only a few thankfully. One of them was severely burned presumably from the bushfire. Short sharp storm yesterday afternoon - came in from the west - thunder and lightning - then wind and rain. Wind, also from the west, was enough to bring down large branches off eucalyptus trees. Only lasted about 20 minutes but passed across in a long thin band that stretched hundreds of kilometres. Nor tornadoes or hailstorms that i saw reported but it is the season.

Aomori, Oct 25: A noticeable cooling over the last week. This is the first week that it has not reached 20. Night lows around 10; day highs in the mid teens. Unstable weather.

NR, Oct 31: 3.5 mm of rain for this month - which is a new record for the driest oct. Interestingly my grass still green pretty much - the valley effect i guess coz driving around there's a lot of yellow. Scarlet honeyeaters moved on - no new arrivals - back to the standard ones. Fires that started in September are still burning.

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