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Oct 7, Taidong: Typhoon Aere: Tiny storm, and it's already passed Taiwan, where it has stalled but it's got this tail thing happening that's causing major havoc on the east coast of Taiwan. Got this massive stream of rain in its orbit feeding directly into the east coast of Taiwan. Ended up with 1000 mil over five days! Landslides on road to Taidong city and some erosion damage on my land going from fishpond down to second gate

  • Oct 15 Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung is soupy. We haven't seen a blue sky since we got here 3 weeks ago and not because there's been cloud cover. I can't believe I spent so many years of my life in this horrid environment. As a city, Kaohsiung is great. But it's an environmental disaster, and it's improved! It used to be way worse. It has improved a lot. The other day, a group of people were frantically elbowing for space around a tree to take a picture of... a squirrel. Fuuuuuck. Our little 4.5 acres in central Florida is looking more like paradise all the time.
  • Oct 29 Kaohsiung: Just beginning to feel a hint of fall/winter. It seems hotter than usual for this time of year. Daytime highs still in the 30's. Normally by late October it's not getting out of the 20's. But the nights are feeling just a hair cooler.

Oct 31, Taidong: Above ave temps for all of Taiwan - no sign of hornets - definitely the least i've seen in my time here - presumably coz of big typhoon. Dong Bei Ji Fong was slow to start this year and we had a few days where it blew pretty hard but not relatively moderate compared to other years

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