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Oct 3 Istachatta: First day that it really felt like Fall. I doubt it got over 75F/24C all day, partly cloudy, breezy, great day for a bike ride and getting things done outside.

Oct 7 Taidong: This has been the summer that time forgot. After a promising first half of Sep, the dial has gone back up to hot and humid and stayed there. 32 or more most days and no sign of the dbjf. I assume this is related to the El Nino, but i don't think i've seen it still this hot in Oct. Unfortunately my bedroom aircon gave out towards the end of Sep and i thought 'no rush to fix it - shouldn't need it at this stage' but that thought was wrong. Quite hard to sleep on several nights. A macaque has started to appear on the front, mountain-side fence some mornings - just saw one snatch a big papaya from neighbour's garden - need to watch them coz they will take eggs as well. Caught a ferret-badger a couple of weeks ago - different from the usual one that goes after the eggs. This one had a white stripe on its nose. 5 mil of rain last night from a band of rain that stretched down from Yilan. Rained in Dulan the night before but nothing here. However, overall, the extremely dry conditions have contiuned. Hearing this mournful bird call at night - guess it's a night heron.

Oct 8 Istachatta: Last three days have been very nice with day time highs around 27-29 with some clouds and night time lows around 16-20, so very cool mornings, warming up to comfortably warm for a few hours, then cooling down. It's finally drying out. This has been the wettest year in 20 years according to the locals, and they're predicting a wet winter. Coyotes were going nuts a week or so ago, and we hear them sporadically at night. The mosquitoes here are bad, even worse than Taiwan. In Taiwan, they come out in force for an hour or two in the evenings, and that's about it. Here, they're out all day and all night long. Different sizes, and they're hungry. Slight case of poison something (ivy, oak, sumac, not sure) on one arm. Not a big area, but looks nasty, like I'm a heroin addict with bad aim or something.

Oct 9-16 Istachatta: Perfect weather every day. 15c at night, maybe 27-28 late afternoons. Vegetation is thinning noticeably but no colors. Bugs are still bad, really bad. I've got welts and bumps and rashes that rival anything I ever had in Taiwan. Must be the wet summer and swamps all around. Other than that, perfect.

Last 1/2 of Oct. Istachatta: Beautiful weather. Warm days, cool nights, fabulous mornings, a rain once in a while. Really sweet.

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