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  • Oct 14: We've had a few very hot and humid days in October so far, although the last couple of been cooler. A typhoon (Nari) passing well south of us kept it windy and gave some intermittent showers. There is another typhoon well east of us (Wipha) that is due to go directly north. All in all it's been an unstable October with unusual heat and little rain.
  • Have been hearing some migratory birds over the last few weeks, more in the last few days. There's one that makes a call, then follows it with a flutter of sorts. They sound distinctly different, like two birds, but they always sound together. It's the same bird.
  • Could be a male with a female rejoinder - some birds do that. See if you can identify it. This year it has been like DBJF on crack. Blowing hard almost every day and continuing into the night several times. A couple of major dust storms in taidong city. Combined with the dryness it is making it difficult to get the vegie patch going. Blue/brown bird returned about a week ago - same as last year. Checked last year's notes and seems to be much hotter this year. Still shorts and t-shirt weather. Had about 22 mil so far. Haven't seen too many wagtails this year - have seen one or two, but not in the numbers of previous years. And no sign of the flocking hawks.
  • Oct 16: Cold snap! After an extra hot first couple of weeks of oct, a cold blast came in from the ne. 22C at 3.30pm and would expect that would dip under 20 tonight. Feels like a cold front, but isn't - just cold air coming down from the north. Still no cold fronts have hit taiwan yet this season.
  • Oct 24 Cold snap lasted a day, then back to hot and windy. Main point is no rain. Only 20mm so far(oct ave: 182) and none forecast. Several typhoons but all staying east with effect of ehancing dbjf and drawing moisture away from us. Rare southerly today - hopefully that presages some rain. Ferret/Badger thing attacked chickens yesterday. Luckily i heard the commotion and was able to intervene but it was going after one of the old guys. Usually they just go for eggs or chicks but have killed fully grown chickens before as well. Guess they have no problem with the fence. As i recall, i've had problems with them at a similar time in previous years. Evening:that southerly was a sign of something. swang back to ne during afternoon and then did rain lightly - just a couple of mil, but something. Big temp drop as well but still no cold front.
  • Oct31: Total Rainfall for Oct: 23 mm!! It was a dry one and well below 180 mil ave. Biggest fall was 15mm then a scattering of 2 mil days.
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